The presence of White Doves at a wedding is a symbol of love, new beginnings, faithfulness, and serenity. Releasing these beautiful birds on your wedding day represents eternal life and marriage, happiness, and unity between you and your partner.


White Doves at a wedding symbolize LOVE, New Beginnings, Faithfulness and Serenity. Releasing Wedding Doves will mean Eternal Life and marriage, Happiness and Unity between the partners. 

Please let Madison Dove Release create these special moments and lasting memories of your special day!

Our Doves fly out of New Glarus, WI, and can be released in and around 50 miles perimeter that includes: Madison, Middleton, Fitchburg, Stoughton, Mt. Horeb,

Release of One or Two Doves

Release of Single Dove
Romantic Couple Release to signify your Unity and Devotion to one another.

Wedding Dove Release

Release Ten white Doves for your everlasting LOVE and Happiness.

Love Doves Package

Release a flock of birds (from 12, 20 up to 50+ white Doves) to show each other the amazing pure feelings of LOVE and Serenity.

20 – $259
50 – $399


Dove Release Services of Madison, WI